Oh yes, that thesis thing

The oral presentation went well, and Graham kept me from walking in front of any cars afterwards.  Thank you, Graham.

Saturday, I went to Stumptown with Ian and Graham, and met a TON of artists, writers, and people that I really, really admire.  We went for a walk in the Arboretum when I overloaded, and then came back for dinner with the group of awesomes.

Sunday I did stuff (?) and then had a birthday dinner with a couple of my housemates.  An cooked an AMAZING spread, spicy rice and beans and Peruvian-style chicken and chocolate-mocha cake with mousse frosting.  It did not last long.

Monday I went to class.  And probably did some other stuff.

Tuesday I

Then today I talked to 36 middle school students who are going to help raise funds for and build a couple of Boots.  It was so much fun watching them take off with the design and start decorating their mini model Boots - they were so intent on cutting them out well and making the interiors gorgeous before they even started the exteriors.  Awesome kids, well-informed questions.

My unscheduled time has been a blur, lately.  Answering emails, working on my paper or just staring into space knowing that I ought to be working on my paper. 

Lots of staring into space.